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Posts from July 2019

Every single one of the hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of logo’d garments Portlantis has produced since we started our business in 2005 has been stitched on a Tajima embroidery machine. Headquarted in Japan and now a global company, Tajima manufactured the first multi head automatic embroidery machine in 1964. 
This revolutionised what was essentially a manual process up to this point – and meant embroidered logos and designs became accessible for everyday use. In 1980 the first computerised embroidery machine was introduced, which led to greater benefits in production – benefitting both the garment decorator (us!) and also the customers (you!). Each machine has 15 needles - which means we can stitch up to 15 colours per design! At 1200 stitched per minute. 
This is just one of our Tajimas in action this morning: 
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