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Supplying branded staff uniform is standard practice for many businesses, but in the retail sector it can have far greater significance in terms of return on investment (ROI). For the majority of retail businesses, the success of a brand lies heavily on the performance of front line staff and the provision of a positive customer experience. Both of these factors can be greatly improved simply through the use of employee workwear. 
Keep reading to discover all the benefits of branded retail workwear 

The Benefits of Branded Retail Uniform 

There are numerous advantages to having your own branded staff uniform. These include: 
1. A reputable company image - A simple, but smart staff uniform coveys an impression of professionalism and trustworthiness. 
2. Customer satisfaction – Recognisable, branded uniform enables customers to find help in store quickly and easily. This positive experience will boost their loyalty to your brand. 
3. Belonging and equality – Staff workwear helps to foster a sense of belonging and equality among employees. This is crucial to their performance in the workplace. 
4. The power of colour – In our recent blog we explore how colour impacts brand perception. When designing your branded retail workwear, choosing the right colour is key to boosting sales. 
5. Improved customer service – Wearing uniform helps employees to get in a working mindset and gives them a responsibility to be an ambassador of your brand. This directly impacts their performance. 
6. Brand integrity – Branded staff workwear is important for making a good first impression. It denotes professionalism and integrity, which is key to advertising your services to consumers. 

Tips for Branding Retail Staff Workwear 

At Portlantis we’re experts in supplying branded workwear to retail brands. We understand the importance of choosing a professional and functional employee uniform that maximises brand awareness and inspires customer loyalty. If you’re looking to design your own retail uniform, take a look at our infographic below on six things every retailer should know to dress for success. 
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