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The team at Portlantis are a cross-section of regular people who are focused on supplying our customers with top quality logo’d gear – we don’t spend our spare time hugging trees or worrying about wearing leather shoes (although that’s fine for those who want to) - BUT we do all care about the environment so we wondered what steps we could take – as part of our everyday working lives – to “do our bit” to respect Planet Earth a little bit more? 
We have signed up to a great Exeter-based initiative called Grow Green. Matt and the team at Grow Green simply ask businesses to pledge to follow some basic principles. It’s really not that difficult, and in fact Portlantis is even ahead of the game in some areas. The principles are – 
• Recycle waste where possible 
• Limit plastic consumption 
• Limit energy consumption and/or use renewable alternatives 
• Encourage and/or reward green commuting 
• Allow remote working where possible 
• Give local companies an opportunity to tender for business 
• Reducing paper use, more effective ways to work online 
• Reducing water consumption 
View our GROWGREEN homepage HERE. 
Some of these objectives are easier to meet than others – it’s not too difficult to recycle paper or allow some staff to work from home, but there is one area that we feel we are ahead of the curve. 
Portlantis is actually based in a building which has a Ground Source Heat Pump – installed by local provider South West Heat Pumps – so we are nice and warm but we don’t use any gas or oil because our heat pump extracts heat from the earth! Here’s a photo of all the wizardry in what is known as the Plant Room here! 
And now we supply all the workwear to Richard and the team at South West Heat Pumps – what a handsome bunch! 
Plus our water comes from a bore hole – how green is that?! And it tastes good too. 
Talking of all things green, we source all our garments from manufacturers who have signed up to WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and in fact 2019 sees a greater availability of 100% organic clothing than ever before - so we feel our industry is moving in the right direction and do let us know if you want your team kitted out in organic clothing because we can provide it! 
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