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Workwear Uniform Checklist

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Providing workwear and uniforms for employees can be a bit of a minefield if not approached sensibly or with proper processes in place. The amount of variables and considerations involved can seem daunting and downright confusing at times. However, as specialist workwear uniform suppliers we have years of experience in sourcing the right types of uniforms, for a huge range of industries at very competitive prices. Read through our checklist below to make sure you have all bases covered when it comes to designing, sourcing and ordering workplace uniforms.

Initial Workplace Uniform Ideas

high visibility jacket for workwear uniform checklist As with many things, having a very clear initial idea about what you want your uniform to achieve is very important. For example, are you sourcing workwear to improve customer perception of your company? Maybe you want a uniform to improve internal relationships by removing barriers or flattening hierarchies? Or perhaps you need a new uniform for a specific brand awareness or marketing campaign? Maybe you need branded protective clothing for site or factory workers?

Your requirements may match with a few, all or none of the above. In any case, being clear about your workplace uniform’s aims will help you when deciding your policy and getting in touch with workwear uniform suppliers.

Workwear Uniform Policy

Before deciding on the design and specification of your workplace uniforms there are a lot of considerations to take into account. For example:

 If your uniform is not going to be all inclusive for all employees which grades of staff, type of staff or business units will get what type of uniform? So, will your office workers be given corporate shirts and trousers while your site staff are provided with full PPE?

 You will also need to have a clear idea about how many staff will require uniform and also the rate of staff, and therefore uniform, turnover.

Clothing care image for workwear uniform page If your business is heavily impacted by the seasons you will also need to consider periods when temporary staff may need to be employed and whether they will be included in your uniform policy.

 It’s also worth considering how the seasons can impact individual staff requirements. Maybe during the summer months warehouse staff would prefer embroidered polo shirts and in the winter a branded fleece.

 Do your employees need a range of clothing? Maybe they spend a lot of their time in the office but also carry out site visits. This could mean they require both corporate workwear and also high visibility jackets. If this is the case do you want them to have a jacket each or instead have a pool of clothing available that they can use when required?

 How many sets of clothing will each employee require? This can vary depending on types of uniform and their applications but a good rule is three. One for wearing, one in the wash and one in the cupboard. When it comes to PPE and outerwear this can be reduced to one each or even picked out from a pool where circumstance allows.  

 Will you replace lost or damaged uniform for free? If so, will you have a limit on how many free items someone can receive before you start charging them? 


Workplace Uniform Design and Specification

With a clear idea of your company’s and individual staff’s uniform requirements you now need to consider your workwear uniform’s design and specification. There are a number of key considerations that need to be made when choosing and designing your company’s workplace uniforms. You will need to think about:

Mens Corporate Trousers for Workwear Uniform Checklist Personal safety: You must ensure that the uniform you are planning on ordering protects your staff’s safety above all else. This means having no loose bits that can get caught in machinery, making sure you have appropriate headgear that protects from impacts or prevents hair from getting caught and also positioning pockets and cuffs where they won’t be a hazard. You will also need to consider visibility requirements, ensure that clothing is not restrictive and also that footwear is appropriate for the application.

 Religious beliefs: Different members of your staff could align with different religious beliefs. This means that your workplace uniform policy should take their requirements into account. This could mean providing trousers and long sleeved shirts alongside skirts and blouses for those members of staff that need to keep their arms and legs covered.

 Colour schemes: Although it may seem obvious, a colour scheme can often be overlooked until the last minute. Many companies’ colour schemes follow a primary and secondary format. If this is the case with yours you could make sure your major garment (e.g. jacket) matches your primary colour and secondary garment (e.g. shirt) matches your secondary colour. If you aren’t interested in matching your company’s colour scheme it’s generally best to stick with neutral colours such as black or white. It is also worth making sure your logo will contrast with your colour scheme so people will be able to easily read it.

 Personalisation process: Thankfully this is very simple, particularly with us. All you need to do is provide a design file of your chosen logo and we will reproduce it perfectly using one of our personalisation methods. Using either embroidery, screen printing, heat sealing or direct to garment printing we will perfectly reproduce your chosen logo. To find out more about our personalisation services check out our personalisation page.


How to Order Workplace Uniforms

Now you’ve got a clear idea of what type of uniform you require, how many you need and what sort of safety and other considerations you need to make all that’s left is to order your chosen uniform.

To order workplace uniforms with us simply navigate to the chosen item(s) on our site and add the size and quantity to your basket. You’ll then be able to upload and place your design using our intuitive system. When you’re happy with how your design looks simply submit it and we’ll do the rest. It really is that simple. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our team to discuss your needs. 

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