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Printing Services Portlantis Printing custom logos is a great option for promoting your corporate identity and brand image. Thanks to technological advancements, today’s printing options are varied with lots of exciting features that print logos to the highest quality. All kinds of garments can be printed, including workwear and staff uniforms, but it tends to be popular for personalising promotional clothing, such as t-shirts.

Screen printing

The traditional form of printing is screen printing. This method involves highly experienced printers who use a range of specialised techniques to print designs and logos onto garments. Screen printing tends to be best for detailed designs and for ensuring exact pantone match. It is also the preferred option for large area prints and larger volume orders.

Here at Portlantis, we offer a maximum of 12 colours per design, which can be replicated via photographic production on semi-automatic presses. Foil and phosphorescent prints are among the specialist techniques that you can choose from.

The printing process begins with dividing up the designs into separate colours. This involves the use of programmes such as Adobe Illustrator. From here, light reactive chemicals are used to stencil the individual colours onto separate pieces of mesh screen. This stencilling creates fine ‘open’ areas of the mesh. 

Next the screen is positioned on the garment in the desired spot, and wet ink is placed on this screen. This pushes it through the ‘open’ areas of the mesh so that the printed version is stencilled onto the garment. Heat is then applied to the ink to permanently seal the design onto the garment.

  • - Long-lasting.
  • - Good for large area prints.
  • - Cost-effective for large quantities.
  • - Good for detailed designs.
  • - Versatile design placement.
  • - Can be expensive for small orders.
  • - Only prints simple shape designs.


Heat Sealing

This is the more modern method of custom printing and involves pressing a transfer onto garments using a set temperature to seal a crisp, sharp finish. Heat sealing logos and brand images on garments is considered to be one of the most effective personalisation methods for small to medium sized runs and complex designs. A wide range of garments can be heat sealed to achieve perfect results, however it is not recommended for fleeces or knitwear.

The heat sealing process begins with single and dual colour designs being vectorised and sized appropriately. These are then sent from the specialist software on the PC to the Cutters, where concisely cut blades reproduce your chosen design from rolled vinyls.

This is followed by the process called Weeding. During this stage, the superfluous vinyl is removed and heatpresses are used to transfer the logo to the garment at the correct temperature. Multi-coloured and more intricate designs can be digitally printed onto special transfer papers. These are then pressed onto the garment using the same process as the vinyl designs.

  • - Long lasting.
  • - Produce a detailed, sharp finish.
  • - Pantone matched.
  • - Not cost-effective for larger quantities. 


Direct to Garment Printing

The latest method of digital printing is the Direct to Garment (DTG) method, which is similar to how an inkjet printer works. Child-safe inks are used to print full-colour images and designs directly onto clothing, and those of photographic quality are printed in high resolution – up to 1200 dpi (dots per inch).

DTG is a great option for complex designs and colours and is the most cost-effective printing method for small runs. Logos and designs can be printed on a wide range of garments - both light and dark in colour – and due to its simplicity, DTG offers short turnaround times. DTG tends to be the most popular printing method for fashion and promotional clothing.

  • - Quick process.
  • - Cost-effective for small orders.
  • - Extensive colour options.
  • - Limited design placement.
  • - Expensive for extremely large orders.

If you would like to find out more about our different printing services, feel free to contact us today.  

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