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Custom Embroidery Services Embroidered company logos are a popular branding option for workwear and uniforms. Custom embroidery looks professional and sophisticated, therefore instantly delivers a positive message about your corporate identity. A refined logo also delivers the perception of higher value, and shows you are making an effort to stand out.

A range of fabrics and different coloured threads can be used for custom embroidery, and the result is a long-lasting high quality finish. Here at Portlantis, our in-house Tajima machines embroider garments to a very high standard, whether it is a simple logo design or something more intricate.

Embroidery involves the sewing of a particular design on a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. It is a cost-effective method that includes the option of multicolour designs without any additional cost. 

The process of embroidery begins with Digitising, where a computerised machine is used to turn a chosen design into an embroidery file. Our digitisers use industry standard software and apply their expert knowledge to ensure your logo is perfectly represented on the fabric of your choice.

We use Madeira threads and up to 15 different colours can be used in any one design. Each one can be matched via pantone references to your design to guarantee exact reproduction of your colours. If you are seeking graduated colour effects, we recommend printing rather than embroidering.

Almost any garment can be embroidered, but popular choices for customisation are polo shirts, hoodies, knitwear, jackets and sweatshirts. It does however tend to be difficult embroidering very small text as the detail can be hard to achieve.


  • - High quality, detailed result.
  • - Long lasting.
  • - Multicolour at no additional cost.


  • - Not cost-effective for large logos.
  • - Difficult to achieve a graduated colour.
  • - Not ideal for very small text.

If you would like to find out more about our embroidery services, please feel free to contact us today.  

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